Lyn Taane

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    Children's literature

  • "Karanga." Illus. Deidre Gardiner. School Journal 4.3 (1988): 16-19.
  • The narrator tells of her relationship with her Nanny who teaches her to cook, sing waiata, weave, garden and karanga.
  • "Taku Taonga Wheua." Illus. Deidre Gardiner. School Journal 4.1 (1989): 9-11.
  • The story of Katarina’s lost pendant and her decision to give it to her younger brother after finding it.
  • "The Launching." Illus. Murray Grimsdale. School Journal 3.3 (1990): 2-12.
  • The notes accompanying this story state that "[t]his story was woven around the launching of a canoe for the 1990 commemoration. Traditionally, a puhi was chosen to lift the tapu before a canoe was launched. Today, elders of the tribe choose a young girl to perform this ritual.’ Taane writes of young Ripeka’s preparation for the launching ceremony.
  • Reviews

  • Rev. of Te Marae: A Guide to Customs & Protocol, by Hiwi and Pat Tauroa. Te Karanga: Canterbury Māori Studies Association 3.2 (Aug. 1987): 38.