Raiatea Teresa Tahana-Reese née Hawira

Te Arawa

She was raised in Mourea, Rotorua, and has worked as a computer programmer, cook, shearing hand, journalist and editor. She married Hinga Tahana-Reese and in 1985 she attended a journalism course at Waiariki Polytech and went on to work for the Rotorua Review and West Rotoiti News. In 1987 she and Maurice Dick co-edited a fortnightly summary of Māori news entitled Nga Kōrero o Te Wa. She spent three years working with the Rotorua Daily Post and during that time rose in rank from a C1 to J6 journalist. In 1990 Tahana-Reese was employed for six months in the Department of Conservation’s public relations department and later worked with the Rotorua Enterprises Agency for six months. In 1991 she moved to Australia and currently lives in Queensland. Since living in Australia, Tahana-Reese has discovered a lot of Australian-born Māori children who have never been "home" to New Zealand. She has the intention of writing fiction and non-fiction books targeted towards these Māori children.

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