Werahiko Taipuhi

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  • "Ko ‘Aotea’ Waka: Te Haerenga Mai A Turi Ki Aotea-Roa Nei/The ‘Aotea’ Canoe: The Migration of Turi To Aotea-Roa (New Zealand)." Na Hetaraka Tautahi i kōrero, otira na raua ko Werahiko Taipuhi/Dictated [in Māori] by Hetaraka Tautahi, assisted by Werahiko Taipuhi, of Tauranga-a-Ika near Waitotara, Nov. 1900. English trans. and annotated by S. Percy Smith. Journal of the Polynesian Society 9 (Dec. 1900): 200-233.
  • In his introductory notes S. Percy Smith writes that he obtained this account of the "Aotea" story when visiting the Nga-Rauru tribe. Smith states "[o]ld Tautahi knows of the work of the Polynesian Society, and says that he had heard that imperfect accounts of "Aotea" had reached us, and that he particularly desired that a true account should be furnished to us.’ Smith adds ‘[i]t is unlikely that the matter Tautahi dictated to me will pass unchallenged by other tribes whose ancestors came in "Aotea," but I question if any man living has a greater right to speak authoritatively on the subject.’ He also notes that ‘[t]he matter dictated by Tautahi is as full as I could get it, but he often spoke too fast to allow of his being followed in shorthand, so that some details have necessarily been omitted. Tautahi is an old man of about seventy, quite blind, but retains all his faculties.’