John Thornton/Hone Tatana Tamahori

1915 -

He was educated at Te Aute College and obtained a L.Th in 1947 and a B.A. from Massey University in 1965. He was Head of the Anglican Mission in Tonga and was the Principal at St Andrew’s in Tonga. His wife taught at the school. He has been vicar of St Faiths, Ohinemutu, and has headed the Anglican Mission. He has worked as chaplain at Te Aute College, Pukehou, Hawke’s Bay, and has lectured at St. John’s Theological College, Auckland.

Biographical sources

  • Correspondence from Tamahori on 11 Feb. 1998.
  • Te Ao Hou 15 (1956): 64.
  • "Māori Education." Te Ao Hou 70 (1972): 24.


  • "Māori Education." Te Ao Hou 70 (1972): 24.
  • Tamahori looks at historical events that have hindered the Māori quest for education. He cites the New Zealand wars of the 1860s as halting all previous developments for the Māori and notes that the recent wave of migration to the cities has brought its own problems as Māori adjust to city life.
  • Other

  • "Canon Defends School Needs." Te Māori: The Official Journal of the New Zealand Māori Council 2.4 (1971): 14.
  • In this text, composed largely of quotations from Tamahori’s farewell speech at Te Aute College, Tamahori defends state aid to private Māori schools and outlines hindrances to Māori education since last century.