Tuta Tamati

Ngāti Porou

Of the Native Land Court in Auckland.


  • "A Reply To Mr. A. S. Atkinson’s Paper ‘What is a Tangata Māori?’" Written in Māori. English trans. Note by Archdeacon W. L Williams. Journal of the Polynesian Society 2.1 (Mar 1893): 60-63.
  • Tamati discusses the history of the word Māori from a Ngāti Porou perspective in response to A. S. Atkinson’s article "What is a Tangata Māori?" published in the Journal of the Polynesian Society (1 (1892): 133-136). Atkinson wrote that he hoped to evoke a discussion ‘on the meaning of the word Māori.’ Rev. Hauraki Paora enters the debate in the Journal of the Polynesian Society 2 (1893: 116-118), and disagrees with Tamati’s contention that Māori was not an old word but one originating after European contact.
  • Traditional

  • "Māori Incantations." Forwarded to the Society by Tuta Tamati. Journal of the Polynesian Society 2 (1893): 103-104.
  • The editor of the Journal of the Polynesian Society writes that Tamati submitted thirteen Karakia-Māori (incantations, charms, or spells)written in Māori to the Society of which five are published in this volume. The editor requests that Māori scholars send in translations for the karakia and he proposes to print the remaining karakia in later editions.
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