Mark Tapsell

He lived in Rotorua and died in Sydney a few years ago.


  • "The Magic Tree." Te Ao Hou 12 (1955): 42-43.
  • The Te Ao Hou notes state that while the ‘The Magic Tree’ is pure fiction, Mark Tapsell ‘made it up out of some very vague references he heard about a magic tree’. In this first part of the story Tapsell writes of the visit of the evil bird queen to the Rangitane who were expert carvers and her demand that their carved objects become her makutu talismans.
  • "The Magic Tree." Te Ao Hou 13 (1955): 62-63.
  • In the second part of Tapsell’s animated story, the Rangitane refuse to give their carvings to the bird queen and in retaliation she places a curse on them and they suffer many disasters.
  • "The Magic Tree" Te Ao Hou 14 (1956): 63-64.
  • In the conclusion of this story, the most skilful Rangitane artist offers up a prayer on behalf of the Rangitane and after three days of fierce storm a figure appeared in the magic tree. When the bird queen comes again to torment the Rangitane she is turned into a bird and destroyed by the magic tree.
  • Alien Bonds: A Roman A Clef. Rotorua, N.Z.: Mark Tapsell, 1987.
  • A novel of fourteen chapters with "Prologue: Maketu - The Fair Homeland and Haven."
  • "Hine-i-turama 1818-1864." The Dictionary of New Zealand Biography. Ed. W. H. Oliver. Vol. 1. 1769-1869. Wellington, N.Z.: Allen & Unwin/Dept. of Internal Affairs, 1990: 191-192.
  • A biography of Ngāti Whakaue kuia, Hine-i-turama, or Hineaturama as she is now called by her descendants, who married Danish Phillip Tapsell in the early 1830s.