Ethel Tawhiri

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  • "Eeling With My Brothers." In ‘Four Eeling Tales.’ School Journal 3.3 (1993): 62-63.
  • Tawhiri recalls a trip with her brothers to gather flax for their Granny which went terribly wrong when her brother got diverted on an eeling excursion and Tawhiri got hooked by the eeling gaff and had to be carried home. The School Journal notes state that ‘[t]hese stories are from the Waiapu River area on the East Coast. They are from material collected from kaumatua of the Manuel Jose family of Ngāti Porou, by Bob McConnell.’
  • "Eel Basket." School Journal 3.3 (1993): 64.
  • Tawhiri recounts how her brother Harry used her dress front as a basket for his eels.