Hoeta Te Hata

Rev. Hoeta Te Hata from Waitahanui.


  • "The Ngāti-Tuharetoa [sic] Occupation of Taupo-nui-a-Tia." English trans. Rev. H. J. Fletcher, Taupo. Journal of The Polynesian Society 25.99 (Sept. 1916): 104-116, 150-162,
  • This is the English translation only of Te Hata’s Māori text, and Fletcher as translator states in his Introduction that ‘[o]wing to the repetitions and circumlocutions of the Māori writer a word for word translation is not given, but the writer’s meaning is rendered as far as we have been able to obtain it.’ Te Hata begins his account with the arrival of Tia and Ngatoroirangi to New Zealand on the Arawa canoe and their subsequent travel and settlement around the Taupo region. It is from these two ancestors that Ngāti Tuwharetoa trace their ancestry and Te Hata recounts many tribal stories of Ngāti Tuwharetoa tipuna and inter-tribal fighting including stories surrounding Pare-Tuiri, Tu-Te-Tawha and Te Rapuhoro, the marriage of Hine-mii and Tu-Te-Tawha, Ngāti-Apa, the murder of Rua-wehea, grandson of Tuharetoa, by Ngāti-Tama and the avenging of his death by Rongomai-huia (Ngāti Tuwharetoa), and the killing of Waikari by Te Ata-inu-tai.