Wiki Te Paa

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  • "He Kōrero Mo Te Kuaka/The Story of the Kuaka’s Flight." Journal of the Polynesian Society 21 (Sep 1912): 117-119.
  • Written in Māori and translated into English. Rev. Te Paa writes of the annual migration of the Kuaka (Limosa Novoe Zealandia), the godwit, to New Zealand in August and their departure at the end of March. Te Paa states that the migration of these birds ‘directed the course that brought the canoes to New Zealand....during daylight, the ancestors followed the course of the flight in their canoes, by observing the direction of their flight. In the night they would listen for the cry of the Kuaka on their way to the south above the fleet of canoes, and so be guide by them.’ The editorial notes accompanying this article state that B. Keys of the Native Land Court heard this account from Rev. Te Paa and James Drummond later sent it to the Polynesian Society for publication.