Te Rangi-Takoru

Ngāti Apa

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  • "He Oriori Mo Wharau-Rangi/A Lullaby For Wharau-Rangi." ‘Some Whanganui Historical Notes.’ S. Percy Smith. Journal of the Polynesian Society 14.55 (Sept. 1905): 133-134. Rpt. in Nga Moteatea: He Maramara Rere No Nga Waka Maha. The Songs: Scattered Pieces From Many Canoe Areas. Comp. A. T. Ngata. Trans. Pei Te Hurinui. Pt. 3. Wellington, N.Z.: Polynesian Soc., 1970. 376-381. Also published in other sources; see Nga Moteatea Pt. 3 p. 377. Rpt. as "Ko Te Popo a Te Rangitakoru mo Tana Tamahine, Mo Wharaurangi/Te Rangitakoru’s Nursery Song for His Daughter, For Wharaurangi." Te Ao Hou 19 (1957): 16-17.
  • The notes in the Te Ao Hou article state that this song is reprinted from Rev. Richard Taylor’s Te Ika A Maui. The chant was written by Te Rangitakoru for his new-born daughter and in it he informs her of a story from her ancestry concerning Hau and his wife Wairaka. A point of interest noted by Te Ao Hou is that this song ‘gives the origin of every place-name from Wanganui to Waiararapa.’ S. Percy Smith writes that this ‘song contains a play on the names of the rivers Hau crossed on his journey in search for his daughter’ (135).