Caroline (Kara) Te Rauna

Ngāti Porou


Caroline Te Rauna was born in Gisborne and was educated in Manutahi Primary School and Ngata College. She went to Auckland Training College and taught in a number of different schools. She became Principal of the Manutahi Primary School on the East Coast and died in office at the age of 36. She was a member of Taumata o Tepuhi Marae.

Biographical sources

  • Phone conversation with Watene Te Rauna on 28 July 1998.


  • "How Ruatoria Got Its Name." Te Ao Hou 53 (1965): 49.
  • Te Rauna writes a short account of the origins of Ruatoria’s name. This article was a prize-winning entry in the Ngata Memorial College essay competition for essays on a local historical or legendary themes.
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