Andrea Tunks

Te Whānau a Apanui, Te Whakatōhea

Andrea Tunks lectures at the Auckland School of Law in Legal Systems, Māori Land Law, Contemporary Tiriti Issues and Māori Jurisprudence. She made a trip to Canada to research indigenous sovereignty and self-determination issues.

Biographical sources

  • Tunks, Andrea. "Haerenga to Great Turtle Island." Te Pua 3.2 (1994): 8-14.


  • "Haerenga to Great Turtle Island." Te Pua 3.2 (1994): 8-14.
  • Tunks provides a detailed account of her one-month trip to Canada with Nin Thomas which had as its purpose the collection of material on ‘issues of Native sovereignty and self-determination’. She writes of language issues in Canada, visiting First Nation reserves, and discusses the implication of the Indian Act.