H. P. Tunui-a-rangi

Major H. P. Tu-nui-a-rangi of Featherston was elected a corresponding member of the Polynesian Society in Sept. 20 1904 meeting of the Council. In 1905 he was listed under corresponding members as being from Turanganui, Martinborough.

Biographical sources

  • Journal of the Polynesian Society 13.51 (Sept. 1904): 196.


  • "Kakahi-Makatea Pa, Lower Wairapa." Journal of the Polynesian Society 13.50 (June 1904): 126-129.
  • Tu-nui-o-rangi tells of a dispute arising between Te Akitu-o-te-rangi and the Ngāti-Rakai-rangi people after Te Akitu, as a chief of high rank had called for the surrounding hapu to gather birds for him from the forests.
  • "Te Kōrero mo Ngarara-Huarau/Story of Ngarara-huarau." English trans. S. Percy Smith. Journal of the Polynesian Society 14.56 (Dec. 1905): 200-204.
  • Tu-nui-o-rangi tells of how Ngarara-Huarau, the taniwha, searched for his sister and finally settled near her at Koura-rau until his consumption of the passing travelling parties induced the people of Wairarapa to kill him.
  • "He Whakamaramatanga i Etahi Ritenga Māori o Nehera/An Explanation of Certain Māori Customs of Old, etc." English trans. S. Percy Smith. Journal of the Polynesian Society 15.59 (Sept. 1906): 129-146.
  • Tu-nui-a-rangi states that he will ‘explain certain matters related by [his] fathers and ancestors, by Te Oka-whare and Piri-taha’. He begins by illustrating the different meanings of ‘taumata’, and writes of the lives of Te Ao-mata-rahi and Te Popoki and the different tribal sayings that emerged from them. He also writes of Rai-kau-moana’s flight from his destroyed pa to Rai-kapua.
  • Traditional

  • "The ‘Iri’, Karakia." Journal of the Polynesian Society 14.54 (1905): 100-101.
  • Tu-nui-a-rangi provides a story illustrating the potency of a tohunga’s karakia with that of high-ranking chief Tama-i-pokia, who sought to win the affection of Wawara-i-te-rangi, a ‘tino rangātira’ of Porangahau.


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