Raina Tutaki

Ngāti Kahungunu, Ngāi Tahu

1962 -

Raina Tutaki was born in Waipukurau and was educated at Flemington Primary School, St Matthew’s Collegiate School for Girls and Central Hawkes Bay College. She began B.A. studies at the University of Canterbury and graduated with a B.A. in History from Massey University in 1985. Tutaki became a STEPS programme trainee and Registrar at the Hawkes Bay Art Gallery and Museum. From 1986-88 she wrote book reviews and articles for the Napier Daily Telegraph. In 1987 Raina moved to the South Island and from 1988-89 was editor of Te Ropu Karere o Te Waipounamu, a newsletter published by the Ngāi Tahu Trust Board. In August 1989 she began working as an Advisory Officer in the Community Development Division of Internal Affairs in Christchurch, a position she held for three years. In 1993 she completed an honours paper in Māori Art at the University of Canterbury. She has also completed two extramural papers towards a Museum Studies Diploma. This is a postgraduate diploma available from Massey University. She worked as an administrator for the Relationship Services in Christchurch for two years and in 1994 co-ordinated the Ngata Centenary Celebrations at the University of Canterbury. She was a member of Nga Puna Waihanga. In 1997 Raina married Gavin Kingsley and has undertaken study towards a Personnel Management Diploma at Christchurch Polytechnic.

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