Makea Tutara

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  • "Chant of Creation." Centennial Miscellany: An Anthology of Short Stories and Verse. Comp. N. F. Hoggard. Wellington, N.Z.: Handcraft, 1939. 49. Rpt. in Arena 17 (1947): 22.
  • A poem in english recounting the Māori Creation story beginning with Io and the darkness and proceeding to Nga Whetu, Te Ra, Te Marama, Te Po-nui, Te Po-roa, Te Ao-nui, Te Ao-roa and then on to Papa and Rangi. Dulce Carman has a story in this collection entitled ‘The Flute of Io" which the accompanying notes state ‘is largely authentic, being given to her by the late chief of the Tahoraiti Māoris some years ago’ (15).