Parehuia Rowena Tutua-Nathan

Ngāti Tūwharetoa, Ngāti Pukenga

1963 -

Parehuia Tutua-Nathan was born in Turangi and was educated at Kuratau Primary School, and Hirangi Primary School and Tongariro High School. She continued her studies at Waikato University and graduated with a B.Soc.Sc in Māori and Sociology in 1984. She went on to study a Master in Education at Waikato; her thesis focuses on the origin of knowledge and the practice of education in traditional Māori society. She lectured in counselling, human development and educational philosophy in the Education Department at the University of Waikato in She has facilitated discussion groups for young mothers and couples in Hamilton on issues to do with raising children and improving family life. Her main emphasis now is on enriching family life. She has four children whom she is raising. She is based at the Education Department at the University of Waikato.

Biographical sources

  • Phone conversation with Parehuia Tutua-Nathan on 4 August 1998.


  • "Ko Te Wahine He Poutokomanawa Mo Te Whanau: Women As The Ridgepole Of The Family." NSW, Austral,: Little Hills, 1995.
  • This is a personal critique of feminism and she argues specifically for the importance of women in the family, asserting and explaining the value of their role as mothers and wives in the family.
  • "Feminisms: Who Is Standing In The Margin." Proceedings of the Second Pan-American Conference on Family and Education, in Toronto in May 26-30, 1996. No further details.
  • Presented in 1996 at the Second Pan-American Conference on Family and Education in Toronto in May 26-30, 1996. It is a critique of certain branches of feminism regarding the role of women in the family. Feminism tends to argue that women are marginalised by the mere fact of their responsibilities regarding childraising in their role in the family. There are a huge proportion of women who are happy to be involved in childcare in the home. Her concern is that their analysis of mothers is limited. A theoretical and personal account.