James Lee Waerea

James Waerea compiled and illustrated “Pukunui’s Page”, a page for children in the Māori publication Tu Tangata in the 1980s.

    Children's literature

  • Pukunui And His Friend - Moata Moa. Writ. and illus. James Waerea. Auckland, N.Z.: Macmillan, 1981.
  • A Māori language text with some words and phrases interpreted.
  • Pukunui the Astronaut. Writ. and illus. James Waerea and Pat Hohepa. Auckland, N.Z.: Probe P, 1982. Auckland, N.Z.: Macmillan, 1986.
  • Non-fiction

  • "Pukunui’s Page: Publicity: Māori Language Inserts Into Sesame Street." Comp. and illus. James Waerea." Tu Tangata 8 (Oct./Nov. 1982): 39.
  • Waerea discusses the background to placing Māori language inserts into Sesame Street and talks with the two Māori presenters of the inserts, Jimmy MacKean and Anehera Crown.


    Pukunui And His Friend - Moata Moa
  • Tu Tangata 7 (1982): 34.
  • Pukunui the Astronaut.
  • Hebley, Diane. "Children’s Books: Four fantails flitting." Listener 25 Apr. 1987: 74-75.