Te Waa Waitara-Amos

From Kawhia.


  • "Cloak of Chaos." Te Iwi o Aotearoa 23 (July 1989): 16.
  • In this story the speaker remembers the harmony amongst the international community working in the timber industry in Tokoroa and contemplates the future of race relations in New Zealand. Waitara-Amos was awarded a Merit Award Certificate for this short story by Peter Hall, Publisher - Writers World, Surfers Paradise, Australia.
  • Other

  • "In Reply To A Solemn Day In 1858." Te Waa Me Ihaka Waitara-Amos [Te Waa and Ihaka Waitara-Amos]. Waikato Times 4 Feb. 1986. Rpt. in Tu Tangata 29 (Apr./May 1986): 59.
  • In this letter Te Waa and Ihaka Waitara-Amos take issue with a written statement by Tahana Wahanui in the Waitomo News in November 1985 concerning the naming of the King Country which Wahanui contends took place during a meeting in 1858 between Governor Robert Fitzroy, Colonel Thomas Gore, George Grey and Tawhiao. Te Waa and Ihaka Waitara-Amos dispute the 1858 date for various reasons: Tawhiao was not yet king and Fitzroy returned to England in 1853. They contend however that in 1878 there was a historic meeting between Tawhiao and Sir George Grey when land partitioning did take place.
  • Poetry

  • "Pakitaora-Huarahi o te Ora!/ Poem - The Road of Life." Te Iwi o Aotearoa 21 (May 1989): 9.
  • In this poem written with Māori and English versions the poet ackowledges the inherent struggles and joys of the human experience and the impact of mutual support.