S. Hirini (Sid) Waititi

S. Hirini Waititi formerly lived in Whangaparaoa and then moved to Whakatane. He wrote history and whakapapa. On 16 August 1966 Waititi presented a talk to the Historical Society on the traditional history of the Whangaparaoa district.

Biographical sources

  • Phone conversation with Peter Waititi on 5 July 1998.
  • Historical Review 15.3 (1966): xviii.


  • "Outline History of the Whangaparaoa District, Cape Runaway." Historical Review: Journal of the Whakatane & District Historical Society 14.4 (Dec. 1966): 139-142.
  • Waititi describes the Māori traditions and legends surrounding the early settlement of Whangaparaoa from the time of the arrival of the canoes, including the activities of Pou in his journey from Hawaiki and arrival at Whangaparaoa, and the meaning of place names.


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