Viktor Zion Arena-Napia Komene Allen

Ngā Puhi

1970 -

Viktor was born in Kawakawa, in the Bay of Islands, Tai Tokerau. He was educated at the University of Auckland. He also received a Certificate of Journalism at Northland Polytech. Viktor works as a news and current affairs researcher for the Marae programme at TVNZ. He has written non-fiction articles while studying journalism. He has also had fiction short stories published in anthologies in New Zealand and overseas using his middle name: Zion Komene.

Biographical sources

  • Correspondence from Viktor Allen: 9 July 1998 and 12 March 2004.


  • “Tai Tokerau Women Writers.” Te Iwi o Aotearoa 8 (Apr. 1988): 9.
  • Allen writes of a book being co-authored by several Tai Tokerau women including Linda Puti Lancaster, which is to be ‘an account of Māori women living in Tai Tokerau’.
  • “Whirinaki Hui Experience in Cooperation.” Te Iwi o Aotearoa 8 (Apr. 1988): 18.
  • Allen reports on the National Trust and Co-operative hui held at Whirinaki, South Hokianga, from 24-28 February, 1988.
  • “Māori Youth Runanga Shifts Base.” Te Iwi o Aotearoa 11 (July 1988): 6.
  • Allen writes that the Māori caucus for the National Youth Council, Te Runanga Rangitahi Māori o Aotearoa, will be based in Tai Tokerau for two years under the control of the Tai Tokerau Youth Organisation, Nga Taurikiriki o Te Tai Tokerau. Allen talks with Paki Mangu, the National Co-ordinator for Te Runanga Rangitahi Māori of Aotearoa, who discusses the aims of the caucus and their recommendations to the National Youth Council.
  • “Whanau Is Secret: Zac Wallace Believes The Whanau Is The Answer To Problem Youth.” Te Iwi o Aotearoa 13 (Sept. 1988): 28.
  • Co-authors Viktor Allen and Louise Russell.