Abraham (Abe) Wharewaka

He was executive editor of Te Iwi o Aotearoa and has been Auckland Syndicate Chapter President of the Black Power.


  • "Whakatu: Why...Te Iwi O Aotearoa." Te Iwi o Aotearoa 1 (Oct. 1987): 1.
  • Wharewaka states that Te Iwi o Aotearoa has been established in order for Māori ‘to express ourselves without fear of being misinterpreted....[and] to help establish a bi-cultural understanding so that TAU IWI (other people) have a clearer view of the issues surrounding Māori people.’
  • "There are no winners.." Te Iwi o Aotearoa 14 (Oct. 1988): 4.
  • Wharewaka offers condolences to the families of John Hoani Ranginui and John Rewi Ranginui who died during a gang shootout in Wairoa in 1988 and urges Māori to cease fighting and ‘get on with positive things - to help each other get on with the business of living.’