Aria Wi

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  • "Pu Hao Rangi." Te Iwi o Aotearoa 24 (1989): 3.
  • Wi writes of the proposed Pu Hao Rangi Marae complex which is to be built on 50 acres of land in Mangere.
  • "Māori Tribunal." Te Iwi o Aotearoa 24 (1989): 11.
  • Wi describes the formation of the Otara Māori Tribunal in August 1989, which was established to provide an alternative judicial system for young first time offenders in the Otara area.
  • "Awataha Marae." Te Iwi o Aotearoa 24 (1989): 13.
  • Wi writes of the launch of the Awataha Marae Fundraising Appeal at Fisherman’s Wharf Restaurant on 16 August 1989, and gives a brief description of the five major houses to be built on the complex.
  • "Rangatahi Opinion." Te Iwi o Aotearoa 24 (1989): 14.
  • Wi reports on the opinions of four rangatahi [young people] attending the Hui Whaka Ko Tahi at Ratana Pa in 1989 concerning the unification of the tribes.
  • "Children at Risk." Te Iwi o Aotearoa 25 (Sept. 1989): 4.
  • Wi writes of programmes offered by the Ambury Park Riding for Disabled Centre, in particular, a pilot "Children at Risk" programme which integrated four ‘troubled youths’ with the mentally and physically handicapped at the Centre during horse riding lessons.
  • "Hauraki Festival." Te Iwi o Aotearoa 26 (Oct. 1989): 12.
  • Wi writes a report of the Hauraki Cultural Festival Competitions held at Kerepehi Community Marae on 7 October 1989 and provides the results of the competitions
  • "Young Māori Talent." Te Iwi o Aotearoa 26 (Oct. 1989): 21.
  • Wi writes a brief tribute to the acting skills of young Māori actress Toni Driscoll who played the part of Maggie in TVNZ’s four-part science fiction series "Night of the Red Hunter" which screened in September 1989.
  • "Netball Tournament." Te Iwi o Aotearoa 27 (Nov. 1989): 10.
  • A report of the two-day New Zealand Māori Netball Tournament held on Labour Weekend in Waitemata.
  • "Dream Walking." Te Iwi o Aotearoa 24 (Aug. 1989): 22.
  • The poet bewails the proliferation of war, technology and nuclear warheads at the expense of the natural world.
  • "Ngaruawahia." Te Iwi o Aotearoa 24 (Aug. 1989): 22.
  • The poet contrasts the strong peace of the Waikato river with the ‘bustling’ city ‘[a] world away’.
  • "E Tu." Te Iwi o Aotearoa 25 (Sept. 1989): 26.
  • In this poem written in English with a Māori translation, Wi urges Māoridom to ‘Stand up / and Fight’ against Treaty injustices.
  • "1990 Rehearsals." ibid. 5.
  • A description of the rehearsals for the opening and closing ceremonies for the 1990 sesquicentennial Treaty of Waitangi commemorations.