Arapera Bella Ngaha

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Arapera’s main research interests are concerned with the revitalisation of te reo Māori. Her doctoral study addresses Māori views on whether te reo is a language for all New Zealanders. That work is particularly concerned with the relationship between language and identity and how it underpins the responses from the Māori community as to whether they can support non-Māori to learn their language. She has been involved in several recent research studies in Māori communities, and is well-versed in appropriate modes of working within that paradigm.

Biographical sources

  • 11 October 2016


  • "Wellbeing and Disparity in Tämaki-Makaurau, Volume 3: Nga Whakaaro o te Iwi." Wellington, N.Z.: James Henare Maori Research Centre, 2002, 39-124.
  • Co-authors N. Benton, P. C. Forer, N. Hopa, L. A. Rawiri, A. Henare, and W. Johnstone.
  • Papers/Presentations

  • "A case study of language maintenance of te reo Maori within the Maori boarding School phenomenon of the 1960s - Linguistic survival strategies." Paper presented at ALAA 2006 Language and Languages: Global and Local Tensions, University of Queensland, Brisbane. 5 July - 8 July 2006.
  • "Whose Research? Engaging in Academic Research in Māori Communities." Paper presented at 4th International Conference on Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, University of Athens, Athens, Greece, 8 July - 11 July 2009.
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  • "Te Reo & identity: what's in a maunga?" Paper presented at 12th New Zealand Language & Society Conference, AUT University, Auckland, N.Z., 22 November - 23 November 2010.
  • "So who should determine what is tika?" Paper presented at CEAD - Contemporary Ethnography Across Disciplines, Waikato University, Hamilton, N.Z., 21 November - 23 November 2012.
  • Co-authors A. Ngaha, and S. Abel.
  • Theses

  • "Te Reo, a language for Māori alone?: an investigation into the relationship between the Māori language and Māori identity The University of Auckland." ResearchSpace@Auckland, 2011.
  • Waitangi Tribunal

  • "I nga wa o oku tupuna - Brief of Evidence to Waitangi Tribunal WAI 1040." 2015, WAI 1513.