Garrick Cooper

Garrick Cooper is currently a lecturer and Māori and Indigenous Studies Programme Co-ordinator at the University of Canterbury. His whānau is from Tauranga Moana and Hauraki and he also has whakapapa links to Ngāti Apakura and Ngāti Manawa. His research is driven by pursuing practices of 'decoloniality'. This includes understanding the ways in which coloniality reproduces and sustains itself and more importantly how these realities might be transformed. To this end, a part of his research includes using Māori epistemologies (and the philosophical insights that we can draw from these) to critique dominant narratives about Māori (and perhaps "others") and create new pathways forward that transcend the binaries of Europeans and natives, whites and blacks, Māori and Pākehā, the oppressor and the oppressed"

Biographical sources

  • 4 November 2016


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