Rangitiaria Ratema Dennan

Te Arawa

1896 -

Rangitiaria Dennan was born in Ngapuna, the daughter of Tuhipo Tene and Te Mango Ratema, and was taught Māori lore by her mother and grandfather. She began her schooling at Whakarewarewa Māori School in June 1903 and in 1910 continued her studies at Hukarere Māori Girls’ College where she became dux and headprefect in her last year at the school. Rangitiaria married Te Aonui Dennan, son of Maggie Papakura; he died in 1942. She taught at Whakarewarewa Māori School and worked for two years as an assistant at a school in Torere, near Ōpōtiki; in 1916 she became an assistant teacher in Ruatoki. Due to ill health she left teaching and became a probationary nurse at Napier Hospital. Continuing sickness forced her to leave nursing and she returned to Whakarewarewa where she became a full-time guide in 1922 - a position she maintained until 1965 when she retired. After her retirement Rangitiaria wrote her autobiography which was published in 1968. Rangitiaria was a member of the New Zealand Federation of Business and Professional Women’s Clubs and had a long association with the Anglican Church. In 1957 she was awarded the M.B.E. for services as a guide and she also received a medallion and citation appointing her a serving sister to the Order of St. John of Jerusalem. She writes in her autobiography "I believe I may have been the first woman - at least in modern times - to attend a Government House investiture in bare feet. I went in Māori costume, as I considered I was being honoured on behalf of the Māori people of Whakarewarewa.’

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