Carwyn Jones

Ngāti Kahungunu

Carwyn Jones is a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Law at Victoria University of Wellington. He holds a BA (History) and LLB from Victoria University, Wellington), a MA (Interdisciplinary Studies) from York University, Toronto and a PhD (Law and Society) from the University of Victoria, British Columbia. His primary research interests relate to the Treaty of Waitangi and indigenous legal traditions. Carwyn has previously worked in a number of different roles at the Waitangi Tribunal, Māori Land Court, and the Office of Treaty Settlements. He is the author of New Treaty, New Tradition – Reconciling New Zealand and Maori Law (UBC Press and VUP, 2016) which has won a number of awards including the Non-Fiction Politics category at the 2017 Ngā Kupu Ora Māori Book Award, the 2017 Law and Society of Australia and New Zealand Book Prize and the 2017 Law and Society of Australia and New Zealand Early Career Publication Prize. Carwyn is also the Co-Editor of the Māori Law Review and an Associate Director of the New Zealand Centre for Public Law.

Biographical sources

  • Information provided by Carwyn Jones, March 2018.


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