Hone Edwards

Ngāti Hikairo

Hone Edwards was raised in Kawhia. He graduated with a BA in Linguistics from the University of Auckland and then attended the post-graduate journalism course at the University of Canterbury. Edwards worked on a training placement course as a journalist with the Auckland Star and then moved to television work. He has worked for Te Karere and was appointed programme editor of Te Karere in 1987 with Debra Rewiti, Assignments Editor. He wrote a report for the BBC looking at Minority language television in which he assessed the role of television towards revitalising minority languages. In August 2003 he was appointed kaihautu of Television New Zealand.

Biographical sources

  • Phone conversation and correspondence with Hone Edwards, Sept. 1998 and 20 Apr. 2004.


  • "Kia Kaha Te Karere." Te Iwi o Aotearoa 9 (1988): 30.
  • Edwards provides a background of the Māori language television news programme "Te Karere", notes its aims, its current staffing, its plan of action and its goals.
  • Other

  • "Transcript of Discussion on Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI)." T.V. One, Marae November 9, 1997. http://sisis.nativeweb.org/global/nov09mai.html 23 May 2008.
  • Participants in this discussion include Hone Edwards as reporter/director, Dr Lockwood Smith, Makere Harawira, Moana Sinclair, Moana Jackson and Aroha Mead.


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