Linda Harriet Hariata Thompson Erihe

Te Āti Haunui a Pāpārangi, Ngāti Tūwharetoa, Ngāti Kahungunu

1948 -

Linda Erihe was born in Raetihi and was educated at Raetihi Primary School, Turakina Māori Girls’ College, Marton, Auckland School of Nursing, Auckland University and Auckland Technical Institute. She is a NZ Registered Nurse and has an Advanced Diploma in Nursing. Linda works mainly in the areas of health administration, health management and nursing, and is Director of the Māori Health Unit for the Manawatu-Wanganui Area Health Board based in Palmerston North.

Linda writes non-fiction articles, reports and papers.

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  • Co-authors Linda Thompson Erihe and Tania Rei. Erihe and Rei provide a history of Te Kaunihera o Nga Neehi Māori o Aotearoa which was established in 1983 because of inappropriate hospital care of Māori patients. Erihe and Rei state that the focus of the council is on "appropriate health service delivery, and on education and training for the nursing workforce, particularly the issue of cultural sensitivity by health practitioners toward Māori patients in public hospitals."
  • Papers/Presentations

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  • Other

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