Hauraki Greenland

Ngāti Maniapoto, Ngāti Kahungunu

Hauraki Greenland is a sociology graduate from the University of Auckland.


  • "Ethnicity as Ideology." Tauiwi: Racism and Ethnicity in New Zealand. Ed. P. Spoonley [et. al.] Palmerston North, N.Z.: Dunmore, 1984. 86-102.
  • "Māori Ethnicity as Ideology." Nga Take: Ethnic Relations and Racism in Aotearoa/New Zealand. Ed. Pauls Spoonley, David Pearson and Cluny MacPherson. Palmerston North, N.Z.: Dunmore, 1991. 90-107.
  • A comprehensive critique of the ideologies and influences which shaped the Māori radical movement from the late 1960s to the 1980s. Greenland concludes: "[t]his paper has sketched the main symbolic and cultural resources drawn upon by the radical critique. The major task was to create consciousness and transform it into effective political action. Land as turangawaewae was the major touchstone of a pan-tribal, pan-ethnic political identity. Other symbols such as blackness and peoplehood were also invoked along the templates of negritude and ethnicity. Such an ideology was not an entirely arbitrary one, since it was dependent on the prior existence of certain symbols of ethnicity, and this historical relevance accounted for the success in negotiating pan-ethnic action."