Linda Maara Grennell

Ngāi Tahu, Ngāti Mutunga

Linda Grennell was born in Christchurch and was raised in Port Levy (Koukourarata). She was educated at Port Levy Primary School and Hukarere College and spent twenty-three years overseas working and travelling. Linda is the area representative of the Te Wai Pounamu Māori Women’s Welfare League and sits on the National Council in Wellington. She is interested in women’s issues and children’s issues. Linda has completed papers towards an MBA and has written a non-fiction publication and internal reports. She works as Health and Disability Consumer Advocate for the Advocacy Services Canterbury/West Coast and is working with a code of patient rights for all consumers.

Biographical sources

  • Phone conversation with Linda Grennell, 11 Sept. 1998.


  • Te Kaupapa Ka Tikaka E Rua O Te Whare Wanaka O Waitaha: In-House Review of the University of Canterbury In Respect To Bicultural Development and Cultural Awareness. [Christchurch, N.Z.: U of Canterbury], Oketopa, 1991.
  • Grennell provides a comprehensive report of her research into the University of Canterbury’s compliance with the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi in terms of having policies "that affirm and facilitate bicultural development and cultural awareness." The university is required to comply with these principles as dictated by the University Charter and the State Sector Act 1989 (77A). Her research began on 14 January 1991. In her report, she assesses the current state of departmental initiatives, the Library, and course content of departments and degree of Māori content. She notes significant omissions. Grennell evaluates Māori student and staff participation on campus and the availability of support services for Maori. She examines issues of recruitment, selection, promotion and Māori input at the administrative and Vice Chancellor levels. She concludes with 36 recommendations and provides appendices on the appointment of a Kaunihera Māori and a Māori liaison officer. She also includes a model of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s policy to increase Black students enrolment. She also provides a bibliography, a glossary, and a flow chart of a Māori network proposed to the University of Canterbury.