RangiTanira Harrison

Timber worker from Tokoroa.

Biographical sources

  • Te Ao Hou 15 (1956): 5.


  • "He Waiata Mihi." Te Ao Hou 70 (1972): 42.
  • "A Song of Welcome to the People Gathered here at Turangawaewae and to the Queen of England." Te Ao Hou 75 (1974): 24.
  • Non-fiction

  • "Tahiti: My Visit to Kinsmen of Ancient Days." Te Ao Hou 15 (1956): 28-31.
  • Harrison writes of his ten-week visit to Tahiti and describes the lavish Bastille Day celebrations and the various trips he made around Tahiti. He discusses two marae he visited: Arahurahu, an ancient Tahitian marae in Paea, and Mahiatea which is "the biggest marae of Tahiti...built between 1766 and 1768 by Queen Purea for her son Teri’iere."
  • "Raitea." Te Ao Hou 35 (1961): 51-52.
  • "Douglas Family Reunion." Te Ao Hou 70 (1972): 42.
  • Harrison gives a report of a reunion held at Tangata Marae, Okauia, Matamata at Easter 1970 with some 200 descendants of Edward Douglas and Te Korowhiti Tuataka in attendance. Following the article is Harrison’s "He Waiata Mihi".
  • Poetry

  • "Tahitinui." Te Ao Hou 41 (1962): 19-20.
  • This is a poem of sixteen stanzas written in te reo Māori in which "Harrison writes of the Pacific Islands he has visited, and expresses his feelings in thinking of their long and sometimes tragic history." The poet's name is listed as Rangi J Harrison - but this is considered a typing error - as the poet is undoubtedly RangiTanira Harrison who visited Tahiti in the mid 1950s - see 'Tahiti: My Visit to Kinsmen of Ancient Days.' Te Ao Hou 15 (July 1956): 28-31.