William Marshall Hau

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  • "William Marshall Hau, To The Rev. W. Yate." An Account of New Zealand and of The Church Missionary Society’s Mission in the Northern Island. William Yate. Intro. by Judith Binney and a new Index compiled by Michael Hewson. Shannon, Ireland: Irish University Press, 1970. First ed. London 1835. Second ed. London 1835. 280-281. Rpt. in part as "From a Letter by William Marshall Hau to the Rev. W. Yate." In Māori Is My Name: Historical Writings in Translation. Ed. John Caselberg. Dunedin, N.Z.: John McIndoe, 1975. 42.
  • Hau writes how on the previous Sabbath, all the baptised Māori of Waimate had celebrated the Supper of the Lord. He also speaks of new things growing in the land such as wheat; he parallels this with new things growing in their hearts. He notes that some of the great chiefs are coming to believe and that there is a great interest by the writer and others to go "to the White People to read the Bible, and to hear form them the straight things contained in it".