Ruku Te Kauiki Taiaroa Arahanga

Te Āti Haunui a Pāpārangi, Ngāti Tūwharetoa, Ngāi Tahu

Ngāti Hauiti, Kāti Ruahikihiki, Kāti Māmoe

1924 - 2005

Ruku was born in Raetihi the daughter of Te Reimana Tuatini of Ngāti Uenuku of Te Ati Haunui-a-Pāpārangi from the Whanganui River and Mekura Teone-Wiwi of Ngāti Hauiti, Tuwharetoa, Ngāi Tahu-Ngāti Māmoe, Te Ruahikihiki. She was raised on a dairy farm in Raetihi and was educated at Raetihi Primary School. After leaving school she helped on the family farm after the death of her father. She married Te Rangimarie Arahanga of Tuwharetoa, Uenuke, Te Ati-Haunui-a-Papaerangi and they had six children. She was an active member of the Māori Women’s Welfare League.

Biographical sources

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  • In this interview on 3 March 1990, Ruku Arahanga tells Mira Szaszy of her whakapapa, her upbringing on a dairy farm in Raetihi, her association with Ngāti Poneke in the 1940s and her marriage to Te Rangi-Marie Arahanga and the raising of their six children. She also describes her involvement with the Health League and later with the Māori Women’s Welfare League in Raetihi and in Taumutu.


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