Horopapera (Zerubabbel)

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  • "He Tangi Na Horopapera Mo Hapurona/A Lament By Horopapera For Hapurona." Songs and Stories of Taranaki:/He Tuhituhinga Tai Hau- a-uru. Ed. and trans. Ailsa Smith. Christchurch, N.Z.: Macmillan Brown Centre for Pacific Studies, U of Canterbury, 1993. 56-57.
  • Ailsa Smith writes that "[t]his text was recorded at least three times in family manuscripts, each time with slight variations. As a lament, it was composed by Horopapera (Zerubabbel) for his father, the Ati Awa chief Hapurona, who had been Wiremu Kingi Te Rangitake’s ‘fighting general’ during the Taranaki Land Wars. Hapurona died at Te Arei on 26 February 1874, after two months’ illness."