Chief Hotaiwa lived at Mangakahia.


  • "From the Chief Hotaiwa, To the Rev. W. Yate." An Account of New Zealand and of The Church Missionary Society’s Mission in the Northern Island. William Yate. Shannon, Ireland: Irish UP, 1970. First ed. London 1835. Second ed. London 1835. 261.
  • Thomas Rei wrote this letter on Hotaiwa’s behalf inviting CMS missionary William Yate to come and visit Hotaiwa at Mangakahia. Hotaiwa informs Yate that the road through the wood has been completed and that it is "a road for the Teachers to come to teach us, and tell us about Jesus Christ." Hotaiwa notes that Yate has already visited four times but states that "now the road is made, you must come every moon".