Gabrielle Ann Huria

Ngāi Tahu

1962 -

Gabrielle Huria was born in Christchurch and was educated at Our Lady of the Assumption in Christchurch, and the Rigi and Erskine College in Wellington. Gabrielle continued her studies at Victoria University and the University of Canterbury and graduated with a B.A. in Sociology. Gabrielle has been awarded a Certificate in Journalism from Waiariki Polytechnic and a Certificate in Television Production from Christchurch Polytechnic. She has worked as a journalist, television researcher, televison scriptwriter and as a producer for both television and radio. She has also worked as a Public Relations Manager. Gabrielle has attended a comedy-writing workshop at the Australian Film and Television School. Gabrielle was awarded a Te Atairangikaahu Commemorative Literary Award in the Children’s Stories Category in 1991. For five years she was one of the producers for National Radio’s children’s show Ears and in this capacity actively encouraged writers from the Māori community to contribute stories for the programme. Since 1995 she has been Public Affairs Manager for Te Runanga o Ngāi Tahu. She has published two children’s books and is editor of Te Karaka Magazine: The Ngāi Tahu Magazine, which is published three times a year. Gabrielle is currently CEO of Ngāi Tahu Communications.

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  • This is a counting story with two games.
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  • Non-fiction

  • Cloughley, Diana. Understanding the Resource Management Bill: A Guide For Making Submissions. January 1990. Ed. Gabrielle Huria. Wellington, N.Z.: Manatu Māori, Ministry of Māori Affairs, 1990.
  • This is analysis of the Resource Management Bill which was introduced into Parliament on 11 December, 1989. It is divided into two sections: the first section gives a general explanation of the Resource Management Bill, and the second section examines the 15 parts of the Bill in greater detail. The publication concludes with 12 issues in the Bill, which are pertinent to Māori interests.


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