"Keritapu is a Māori woman with years of experience as a District Health Nurse in Māori Areas." The series of articles written by Keritapu on mothercraft were published over two years in Te Ao Hou. They appear to be largely based on Sir Maui Pomare’s publication in Māori The Māori Mother And Her Child: In English and Māori, 1949.

Biographical sources

  • Te Ao Hou 16 (1956):61


  • "Mothercraft." Te Ao Hou 8 (1954): 60-62.
  • Keritapu presents a guide for expectant mothers in which she addresses issues of hygiene, medical care, diet, dress, symptoms to report to doctor or nurse, and preparation for confinement.
  • "Mothercraft: The Māori Mother and her Child." Te Ao Hou 9 (1954): 60-62.
  • Continuing on from her previous article, Keritapu gives instruction on how both parents should prepare for the coming baby. She outlines basic care of the baby and the registration of the birth. She also discusses the most suitable clothing and sleeping arrangements for the baby.
  • "Mothercraft: The Māori Mother and her Child (Continued)." Te Ao Hou 10 (1955): 62-64.
  • In this article Keritapu discusses the merits of breast feeding, lists supplementary liquids that can be given to the baby, when to wean the child and symptoms of under feeding and over feeding.
  • "Mothercraft: The Māori Mother and her Child." Te Ao Hou 11 (1955): 63-64.
  • Keritapu gives instructions for cleaning all utensils used in preparing food for babies, and outlines daily feeding programmes for babies up to the age of twelve months.
  • "Mothercraft." Te Ao Hou 12 (1955): 63-64.
  • Keritapu writes about the daily routines of childcare. She lays out the sleeping requirements of babies and the importance of exercise and time spent outdoors. She then gives an extensive list of guidelines in childcare.
  • "Mothercraft." Te Ao Hou 13 (1955): 60-61.
  • Instruction on developing a regular schedule for a baby and details on immunisation against diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus and tuberculosis. Keritapu also discusses teething, care of teeth and feeding requirements for babies from the age of twelve months.
  • "The Pre-School Child." Te Ao Hou 14 (1956): 61-62.
  • Keritapu writes of the importance of a loving home environment for pre-school children. She also discusses toilet training.
  • "The Māori Mother and The Child: Common Accidents in the Home." Te Ao Hou 16 (1956): 61-63.
  • An outline of the most common accidents children suffer in the home and their remedies.