Tuhingaia Cassandra Ngarui Barclay

Tuhingaia grew up in Russell and was educated at Queen Victoria School for Māori Girls in Parnell. In 1954 she became the first Māori to win an American Field Scholarship. She now lives in Remuera, Auckland and her married name is Tuhingaia Aspell.

Biographical sources

  • Phone conversation with Tuhingaia Aspell in 1992.


  • "Sea Shell." Te Ao Hou 35 (1961): 46-47, 52.
  • A story about the mysterious sighting of a young Māori woman called Moana.
  • Non-fiction

  • "East Coast Tour." Te Ao Hou 10 (1955): 59-60.
  • A description of the tour by students from St Stephen’s School and Queen Victoria School of the Bay of Plenty and the East Coast. The tour was designed to "foster goodwill and to show what the young people in the Church Schools are doing today."
  • "An American High School." Te Ao Hou 13 (1956): 62-64.
  • Barclay gives a descriptive account of her time as an American Field Scholar at Sequoia Union High School in Redwood City.