B. R. Kora

B. R. Kora is a member of the Maunga Whau Māori Culture Group in Auckland.

Biographical sources

  • Te Ao Hou 51 (1965): 4.


  • "Future of Māori Chant." Te Ao Hou 51 (1965): 4-5.
  • Kora responds to A Mihi Hill’s article in Te Ao Hou 48, in which she questioned the continued survival of the Māori chant when ‘not enough younger Māoris care sufficiently to help it survive’. Kora asserts that Māori culture groups are increasing and that the underlying ethos of these groups is to teach and preserve Māori culture. Kora argues for the preservation of all aspects of Māori culture and not just the popular forms such as haka, action songs and poi dances. He writes of his own group, the Maunga Whau Māori Culture Group, and notes the progress that is being made especially in the acquisition of te reo Māori.


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