Hugh Harawira Lynn

Te Aitanga a Māhaki

1943 -

Hugh Lynn was born in Auckland and was educated at St Paul and Sacred Heart College in Auckland. He was encouraged to perform on the stage at an early age and studied tap dancing, ballet, and Latin-American dancing and sat various dancing exams with BBO and RAD. He was the unbeaten New Zealand champion in Latin-American dancing for eight years, won the Australasian Championship and was placed sixth in the World Championships in 1964. Lynn performed as a dancer in 120 television programmes. In 1965 he established Eden Health Club and Eden Security which became the largest Polynesian security company in New Zealand. He has operated a number of businesses including dog training, clothing manufacture, night clubs, and managed the band Herbs. He has promoted over 150 international music shows in New Zealand and possibly holds the record for managing the largest paid rock gathering ever held in New Zealand (the David Bowie Moonlighting Tour of 1988). He is currently a care giver in his family.

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