Terence Aorangi McConnell

Ngāi Tahu

1946 -

Terence McConnell was born in Lyttelton, the son of Clifford and Marewa McConnell, and was educated at Paparore Māori School and Kaitaia College. He was accepted for the Police Cadet Course of 1964-65 and trained at the Police Training School at Trentham, Wellington, the Officer Cadet School in Portsea, Australia, and the Tri-Service Defence College at Newcastle, Australia. He has worked as a policeman, army officer and civil servant with the Department of Corrections. McConnell’s writing has primarily been confined to unpublished briefing papers in the area of defence and foreign affairs during his time in the New Zealand Army.

Biographical sources

  • Phone conversation and correspondence from Terence McConnell on 17 and 29 July 1998.
  • Te Ao Hou 57 (1966): 54-56.


  • "Life in the Police Force." Te Ao Hou 57 (1966): 54-56.
  • McConnell describes his introduction and training at the police training school in Trentham and his subsequent posting to the Taranaki Street Police Station.