Reihana MacDonald Robinson

Ngāti Raukawa

1951 -

Reihana MacDonald was born in Auckland and was educated at Tokoroa High School, New Canaan High School, USA and at Auckland University where she graduated with a B.A. and Dip.Tchg. She is an artist, an art educator and writer. She has received the Te Atairangikaahu Award for literature and has been awarded an East-West Center Fellowship in Honolulu as Artist-in-Residence. She writes poetry, short stories and non-fiction articles. Her poetry and stories have been published in Voices, Hawaian Review, Takahe, Legible 5 Roses, Enamel, Landfall, Radio New Zealand, and Te Ao Marama vol. 3. Reihana has written articles for Thursday Magazine, Centerviews and Changing Our Lives, a book edited by Christine Dann in 1990/91. She has worked as art adviser with Wellington’s teacher support services and has travelled to Noumea to "demonstrate the New Zealand approach to teaching art in schools, encouraging children’s creativity and self-expression." She lives and works in Aotearoa New Zealand and the USA.

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