Joseph Poroa (Joe) Malcolm

Te Arawa

1933 -

Joseph Malcolm was born at Te Paamu, Te Puke, and was educated at primary schools in Te Matai (Te Puke), Te Puna, Te Teko and Rotoiti. He then attended Hato Petera College, Auckland, and St Michael’s Convent, Rotorua, before continuing his studies at Victoria University where he graduated with a B.A. and a B.A.(Hons). Malcolm has worked as a school teacher and as a lecturer in the Māori Studies Department of Victoria University. He has also worked for the Department of Māori Affairs and as Assistant Director of Community Services. Malcolm writes short stories and non-fiction articles.

Biographical sources

  • Correspondence from Malcolm on 11 Feb. 1998.


  • "Breathing New Life into the Koauau." Te Kaea: The Māori Magazine 1 (Dec. 1979): 12-13.
  • Malcolm discusses how to construct the traditional Māori flute, the koauau, gives instruction on how to play the instrument and suggests several traditional waiata that can easily be performed on the koauau. He wrote this article while teaching at Victoria University and intended to follow it up with an expanded account of the koauau when time permitted.
  • "A Koauau (Māori Flute) School." Joe Malcolm. Te Paanui: a Wikitoria. 2. Ed. W. Parker and Joe Malcolm. Wellington, N.Z.: Victoria UP, 1979. 18-21.
  • Malcolm reports on the teaching of the koauau at Victoria University and he provides instruction on the construction of the instrument and how to blow it and traditional waiata suitable for koauau.
  • Other

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  • Text by Joe Malcolm, illust. Gus Hunter.
  • Reviews

  • Rev. of Te Reo O Mawai-Hakona, Te Kaea: The Māori Magazine 1 (Dec. 1979): 23.