Harata Matchitt

Te Whānau a Apanui

1978 -

Harata Matchitt was born at Te Kaha and attended Melville Primary School, Aberdeen Primary School, and Melville Intermediate. She continued her studies at Te Ahurangi (Māori Performing Arts School) and Melville High School. She has attended Nga Puna Waihanga Hui and writes poetry.

Biographical sources

  • Correspondence with Harata Matchitt 6 Aug. 1993, 11 Feb. 1998 and 20 Apr. 2005.


  • "Walking Through the Bush." Favourite Icecream: A Journal of Young People’s Writing. Wellington, N.Z.: Learning Media, Ministry of Education, 1990. 9.
  • Matchitt reflects on the various sights and sensations experienced while walking in the bush.