Charles Moihi Bennett

Te Arawa

1913 - 1998

Charles Bennett was born in Rotorua, the son of the first Bishop of Aotearoa, Frederick Augustus Bennett and Arihia Rangioue née Hemana. He was educated at Maketu Primary School and Te Aute College and pursued further study at Christchurch Teachers’ Training College and the University of Canterbury. He graduated with a B.A. and Dip Ed in 1938. Bennett worked as a primary school teacher in 1938 and later worked on the announcing staff of 2YA. He served in the 2 NZEF, 28th (Māori) Battalion in Greece, Crete and North Africa from 1939-45 and rose to the position of Lt. Colonel to command the 28th Māori Battalion. He was awarded the DSO. He worked for the War Histories Branch in the Internal Affairs Department from From 1947-57 Bennett was Assistant Controller and then Controller of the Māori Welfare Department of Māori Affairs. In 1955 he graduated from Victoria University with an M.A. and Dip. Social Science. He studied at Exeter College at Oxford University from 1957-58 as the recipient of the first post-graduate scholarship awarded by Ngarimu VC Scholarship Fund Board. Bennett was High Commissioner in Malaysia from 1959-63 and in 1964 was the first non-Malayan to be awarded a Malayan Knighthood. From 1963-71 he was Assistant Secretary of the Māori Affairs Department until his retirement after some 37 years of service in the Public Service. Bennett was awarded an Hon LLD in 1974 and was knighted in 1975.

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