Taurua Pororaiti Minarapa


He was the younger brother of Poukohatu Te Kahui Kararehe


  • Songs and Stories of Taranaki:He Tuhituhinga Tai Hau-a-uru. Ed. Trans. and commentary by Ailsa Smith from the writings of Te Kahui Kararehe of Rahotu, Taranaki. Christchurch, N.Z.: Macmillan Brown Centre for Pacific Studies, U of Canterbury, 1993.
  • Smith writes that this publication includes some of the writings included in a collection of manuscripts written by her great-grandfather and his brother, Poukohatu Te Kahui Kararehe and Taurua Pororaiti Minarapa. Smith adds that each of the eleven chapters ‘consists of one of more Māori texts and translation, each with [their] own introduction’ with notes at the conclusion of each chapter. Smith states that in the writings ‘Taurua appears to have concentrated on waiata and imaginative narrative, while Te Kahui recorded more in the way of whakapapa, tribal histories and political comment.’