Kaye Rawinia Mio

Ngāi Tai, Te Whakatōhea, Ngā Puhi

1937 -

Kaye Mio was born in Torere and was educated at Torere Native School, Correspondence School, and ōpōtiki College. Kaye has written articles, short stories and poems and has had work published in ANOPS Newsletter, the Aotearoa network of psychiatric survivors. She lived in ōmarumutu for two years, then moved to Gisborne, Auckland, and Whakatane before she finally returned to ōmarumutu in 1988 where she has remained ever since. She is a woman of strong faith and states: "I have found the meaning to life in finding the Lord Jesus Christ."

Biographical sources

  • Phone conversation and correspondence with Mio, 10 and 22 July 1998.


  • "I Remember." Kanarahi Mio. Te Ao Hou 67 (1969): 22.
  • The writer reminisces about childhood years growing up in a time when the pa was the central place. It was a time when resources were shared, money was not preeminent, and where the tipuna lived out the Gospel. Mio closes by stressing that as the Māori elders die out the traditional knowledge must be handed on for the sake of the future generations.