Teupokoina Morgan

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  • "Taku Mokopuna." Te Kaea 4 (Sept./Oct. 1980): 30.
  • A dialogue between a kuia and her young mokopuna in which the child tells of the voices he hears ‘Decrying [his] Māoritanga’. Gradually the child is reassured by the words of the kuia reminding him of his ancestry and name.
  • "Farewell." Tu Tangata 3 (Nov./Dec. 1981): 33.
  • The speaker bids farewell to his deceased mother lying ‘so still’ at the tangi as the ‘waves of mourners ascend’.
  • "Aotearoa." Tu Tangata 11 (Apr. 1983): 34.
  • A portrait of Aotearoa as having embraced the flow of different heritages and become home to many. Aotearoa, is likened to a fragile flower under ‘the watchful eye of Io’ and the poet states that Aotearoa’s ‘mantle...surges from [its] tamariki,/The children of the multi-hued flower’.