Paratene Ngata

Ngāti Rangi, Ngāti Porou

1849 - 1924

Paratene Ngata was born in Ahikouka on the East Coast, son of Wiremu Karaka (or Wi Tito) and Hera Raengawha,(daughter of Tipene Ruataupare). He was raised in the family of Major Rapata Wahawaha, M.L.C., and was educated at William Williams’ mission school at Waerenga-a-hika. He later joined the Armed Constabulary No 9 division. Ngata had three sons. Hone was the eldest son by Hariata Fox, and Apirana and Renata were his sons by Katerina Naki whom Ngata married in 1867. Ngata owned a store and accommodation house at Port Awanui and at Te Araroa (formerly known as Kawakawa). He farmed sheep at Tokomaru Bay. Ngata was an assessor in the Native Land Court and gave evidence in 1891 at the parliamentary commission on native land laws. He wrote an autobiographical journal which is now stored in the Turnbull Library.

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  • The articleinthe Journal of the Polynesian Society includes the Māori language text and English translation of extracts from Paratene Ngata’s journal concerning the circumstances surrounding the birth and baptism of Apirana Ngata.
  • Non-fiction

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  • Other

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