Judith Rina Norris (aka: Rewa JRH Norris)

Moriori, Te Āti Awa, Ngāti Mutunga, Tainui, Te Arawa, Ngāi Tahu, Ngāti Tama

1955 -

Rewa Norris was born in St Helen's Hospital, Auckland, and attended Tahuna School, Morrinsville Primary School, Richmond Park School, Melville Intermediate and High Schools and Waikato Technical Institute. From the 1980's, Rewa (Judith) did part-time study at Selwyn College in Auckland, Auckland Technical Institute and Waikato University. She has also completed numerous certified course studies including 2 1/8 years at Wānanga in Tauranga. Rewa has been writing poetry, short stories, and research projects for many years and has had numerous works published under Judith R Norris and Rewa JRH Norris. She is currently doing research on Hokopapa whakapapa and intends to publish a research and poetry selection under the name of Rewa JRH Norris.

Biographical sources

  • Interview and correspondence with Rewa Norris 21 Oct. 1992, 28 Jan. 1995, 29 Mar., 12 June and 3 July 2007, and 24 and 29 June 2023.


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  • Poetry

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  • An assertion of female identity, of embracing aroha and surmounting and overcoming exploitation. The title is a double female symbol.
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  • The speaker tells of her affinity with whales and her pain at their slaughter.
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  • Norris writes of this poem: "Feeing somewhat incognito while waiting for Limousine Bus to pick me up and watching a bird hop by deciding to do a little comparison."
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  • A reflection on the seemingly foreign and artificial world of the Regent Hotel.
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  • This poem describes the all-pervasive and encompassing nature of tapu. Norris writes that this poem "was influenced greatly by Moriori ancestry returning to Rekohu Homeland."
  • Reviews

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